Pipelines Are the Safest Method of Petroleum Transportation

According to the Department of Transportation accident statistics, pipelines are the safest method of transporting petroleum. Delaware Storage & Pipeline Co., along with other local pipeline operators, is dedicated to the continued safe operation of our pipelines for your protection and the environment’s.

Your help is vital in observing conditions along our pipeline right-of-way. If you see anything unusual, immediately report it, so that we can insure continued safe operation.

At Delaware Storage & Pipeline Co. we are committed to an outstanding safety record. We perform routine inspections, corrosion protection, maintenance/testing programs, and employee training.

Please take a few moments to learn how to prevent pipeline emergencies, how to recognize a pipeline leak, and what to do if a leak occurs.

Pipelines...Your Quiet Neighbor

Written agreements, or easements, between landowners and pipeline companies allow pipeline companies to construct and maintain pipeline rights-of-way across privately owned property.

If you are not aware that a pipeline runs through your property:

  • Check for pipeline markers posted nearby on your property or in your neighborhood.
  • Check your property records at your county clerk’s office.